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Daniele is an intercessor on one of the strike forces I am currently running. It is a busy one with updates at least once a week and sometimes several times.

She has high discernment and has repeatedly nailed a specific issue that she could not have known about in her soul. Her spirit was able to sense it and report to me that we needed to adjust our strategy.

She wrote the following after a recent prayer update from me.

“It is with attention that I read your messages, while waiting to receive the subject which will be for me.”

And THAT is maturity in intercession.

She is committed to the cause and she loves me dearly. We have walked together for many years, through many fires, supporting each other in sundry ways.

But while she is all in, in terms of her heart, she knows on the spirit level that she is a sharpshooter.

There are specific issues where she has uncommon authority, and she knows better than to create a smog of useless words in heaven.

She reads each email carefully but holds her fire until her spirit or the Holy Spirit confirms that this piece of the battle is hers.

Her years are graced with much wisdom.

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November 2020




Defining my identity – stability/changes

I have been working as a nurse in a rehabilitation unit for fifteen years.

A few months ago, I read Dan’s book “From Terror to Grace”. After reading her book, in which I discovered keys, I wanted to meet Dan. I knew that she had the keys she talks about in her book, which would allow me to go beyond the obstacles that held me captive in a life of suffering and torment.

I was so glad, to meet her shortly after.

Since then, she has accompanied me faithfully and patiently on a path of redemption. Which means, in other words, to appropriate all my Divine heritage and release the identity of Jesus Christ in me for full maturity assumed.

Dan helps me untangle the knots in my life: false reasoning, knots of lies, toxic emotions, generational ties, and false legacies …

Thanks to her kind listening and great empathy, I was able to lay down the evils of my story and shed tears, many tears…

With Dan I discovered compelling messages that were imposed on me without my knowledge, such as: “Make others happy”, “Hurry up” and “Be perfect”.

With her support, I was able to deal with these restrictive messages that twisted my identity.

Dan knows how to find the right words, words of consolation, encouragement, blessing and grace.

Today, a few months after I met her, I am different.

I’m no longer in survival mode, I’m alive. I experience this feeling called “inner fullness” on a daily basis, which is expressed through inner calm, deep stability and the assurance that my spiritual, mental and physical coherences are not threatened.

Joy has replaced sadness. I feel more and more unified and connected with myself and my Creator.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dan.   




Reorganization of my interior

After a 31-year career in the hospital, first as a nurse, then as a nursery nurse and finally as a health manager for 10 years, I experienced what is called a “burn out”, more precisely professional exhaustion.

After 18 months of sick leave, I realized that my body and my soul were getting better, thanks to the rest and the help of therapists, but there was still a problem in me, something that was wrong “elsewhere”! I then had the immense privilege of meeting Danièle and started a very deep inner journey.

Danièle first helped me to consider the different components of my inner being: spirit, soul and body. I understood that in the burnout, my soul had reached the end of what it could endure on its own. I realized that when I said “I don’t want to live as before”, it was my spirit that was pushing my soul to reorganize my inner being. I had to consider my spirit and give it more room!! Personal meditation in the Bible and Danièle’s rightful place (who respected my pace and was supportive without being intrusive) led me to experience a true internal conversion.

Danièle helped me become aware of the (false reasoning) lies and life wounds I had structured myself on from a very young age. I was very often on the defensive, tense inside, in fact every time I defended and injury to protect the lie that I believed (you have to be perfect / you have to be strong / …).

I realized that the lies upset my spirit but also my whole being as well as the spirit of God within me. I repented from all these lies, I was doing it without realizing it. Daniele prayed with authority that my spirit would regain its freedom. My spirit has regained its freedom, its original beauty if I may say so.

Daniele has accompanied me on a deep reflection on my identity. With her help, I was able to identify my core value of “authenticity” and learn to appreciate them in me.

Healing is a journey, and Daniele has accompanied me there with gentleness and clairvoyance !



Megan Caldecourt, USA


The journey of reconciling with my French roots began many years ago and Danièle has walked through much of it with me. I began by forgiving the nation for the persecution of the Huguenots, who were my ancestors. Danièle crafted blessings for my spirit that brought together her earned authority and passion for reconciliation, and they landed very deeply. But she took it a step further and prayed for full release of the treasures that God had placed within my family line. My spirit just leapt with joy every time we got together to pray. Often times I could feel or see myself in different periods of history, and I know that her prayers were weaving together the broken threads of my generational heritage.

Recently, I had a special celebration to mark my full emotional and spiritual connection to my French roots. Not only was she a part of it, she played a significant role in getting me there! I know that accessing this facet of my generational treasures is crucial to walking in my design, and I owe Danièle a huge debt of gratitude.



“For the better part of two years, perhaps more, my spirit was largely shut down. With rare exception, I could not bear to read or even listen to blessings or any sort of communication towards my spirit. It felt like pain to me.

A friend suggested that I contact Danièle to speak to my spirit in French. She has tremendous authority in blessing, but I was too shut down to ask. I found one of her courses in the Sapphire Leadership Group Training Center catalog that I very much wanted to take, so I signed up. During the course, in a private phone call, Danièle spoke to my spirit in French. There was no hesitation from my spirit- none – no resistance whatsoever. I was astounded but even better, her blessing landed!

After such a response from my spirit, she offered to meet with me again, on Skype and we recorded her blessing my spirit. In addition, she sent me a copy of the blessings she recorded a number of years ago. I listen to them repeatedly and my spirit responds every time. Because the blessings are in French, my soul does not put up a fight and now my spirit drinks deeply from this well.

Over the course of a few weeks, it was obvious that resurrection life was working in me. My family sees it. My friends and co-workers notice that something is different and the change is verifiable, measurable !

I find that I have been able to walk in a level of forgiveness that is quite deep and my thoughts are considerably less self-critical. My ‘normal’ instabilities are becoming more solid and at times when I would typically destabilize, I’m finding myself at peace. I am so encouraged for the changes I discover that every day. I am not sure that I could adequately describe what has been happening in me since we began this journey.





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Out of Shame Into Dignity II

Shame is a useful emotion but when it is uncontrollable, it can be dangerous.

  • What landed as an applicable concept for you while reading the book “Terror to Grace”?
  • False responsibility and toxic guilt are two elements that often go hand in hand with chronic shame.
  • Shedding shame and overcoming fear of failure
  • Beliefs that can cloud your spirit
  • God wants to builds his fortress of justice in your spirit to cancel out the generational sins and iniquities and render them powerless.
  • Forgiveness will reconcile you with yourself.
  • Our emotions have the same color as our spirit
  • I am responsible for ensuring that my perceptions, paradigms, and beliefs are accurate.
  • Inner security is a reality in which we are called to live.
  • The feeling of inner calm, deep stability and certainty that nothing threatens my spirit soul and body coherence

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Embrace Your Destiny Danièle Schmidlin

Embrace Your Destiny: An Independent Study

The meaning we give to a situation depends on how we look at it. We are more often hurt by our personal interpretation of offenses than by the events themselves.
This course is designed to be highly personalized.
It consists of a series of eight individual coaching calls that can be spaced out over a period of time that matches the pace of your progress.
We’ll set course goals, then build on what you already know with personalized strategies tailored to niche issues.
There is no promise that we will find all the answers you need, and we certainly won’t explore everything there is to know, especially because I don’t know everything there is to know!

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