Out of Shame, Into Dignity

As an iconoclast, I do not align myself with any human religious current. My roots are deep in the Word of God and my heart is faithful to Jesus Christ, my King.

I extract principles from the Bible that will enable me to make measurable, verifiable, and lasting changes for myself and others.

I am authentic, respectful, zany, passionate, heroic, creative, insatiably curious. I have a free and energetic spirit.

When I experiment and fail, I know how to recognize my mistakes.

I love the freedom to be who I am, I love celebrating the magnificence of our King.

I have been a consultant and coach for more than ten years.

I accompany people in the challenges they face, in their projects of change, in the mutations of their environment. I help them to engage in open and positive dynamics, to transform constraints into opportunities, to liberate potential and to innovate.

Certified in individual coaching, my practice integrates a variety of tools from spiritual, psychological and systemic approaches. I combine rigor and gentleness, in an approach that respects the delicate balance of human systems.

Individual coaching for executives, senior managers, and retirees
Development – self-awareness and personal ecology, emotional logic.
COACH COF certified by RONSINSKI & COMPANY Paris 2014
COF: Cultural Orientation Framework
Certified Coach by Coach Académie Paris 2010

Here are the steps of the class:

1. Be free of fear of failure and shame
Shame makes us believe that we are a mistake, a failure, inadequate.

2. Embrace forgiveness as a lifestyle
Releasing the other person from the harm they’ve done to you doesn’t mean that you are a victim again.

3. Heal your emotions
Paradigms fuel our perceptions and our perceptions fuel our emotions. Most of our emotions are a reaction to what we perceive. If our perception is wrong, so will be our emotional reaction.

4. Experience inner fullness
This is expressed in our spirits by a deep peace that stabilizes and gives the assurance that your spiritual, emotional, and physical wholeness are not threatened. The Holy Spirit expresses in us the dignity of God, which is the antidote to shame.


Course Prerequisites

The prerequisites for this course are listed below:

Required Listening

Suggested Resources Terror to Grace – Danièle’s autobiography. 

Dates and Time

 Check back for updates. 




During Danièle’s class “From Shame to Dignity”, in which I participated, Jesus met me in an exceptional way. During one of the prayers she said, Jesus led me to a place of divine exchange, during which his glorious light illuminated my inner being, to remove the shame.

In her course Danièle also taught on forgiveness “Forgiveness a lifestyle”, a subject on which I have worked for a long time. Forgiveness as a lifestyle seemed like a desirable but far-fetched goal.

But as I entered more and more into this place of divine exchange, my pain and bitterness faded, giving way to the love and grace of God.

Today, I find it easier to extend grace and forgiveness to people who hurt me. It is no longer about “what they did to me” but “how I respond”.

I am no longer a victim, I am responsible for my response, my attitude to what they did to me. 

Sally from Singapore

New Dates TBD

Out of Shame Into Dignity II

Shame is a useful emotion but when it is uncontrollable, it can be dangerous.

  • What landed as an applicable concept for you while reading the book “Terror to Grace”?
  • False responsibility and toxic guilt are two elements that often go hand in hand with chronic shame.
  • Shedding shame and overcoming fear of failure
  • Beliefs that can cloud your spirit
  • God wants to builds his fortress of justice in your spirit to cancel out the generational sins and iniquities and render them powerless.
  • Forgiveness will reconcile you with yourself.
  • Our emotions have the same color as our spirit
  • I am responsible for ensuring that my perceptions, paradigms, and beliefs are accurate.
  • Inner security is a reality in which we are called to live.
  • The feeling of inner calm, deep stability and certainty that nothing threatens my spirit soul and body coherence

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Embrace Your Destiny Danièle Schmidlin

Embrace Your Destiny: An Independent Study

The meaning we give to a situation depends on how we look at it. We are more often hurt by our personal interpretation of offenses than by the events themselves.
This course is designed to be highly personalized.
It consists of a series of eight individual coaching calls that can be spaced out over a period of time that matches the pace of your progress.
We’ll set course goals, then build on what you already know with personalized strategies tailored to niche issues.
There is no promise that we will find all the answers you need, and we certainly won’t explore everything there is to know, especially because I don’t know everything there is to know!

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